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Is it Time to Expand your Team?

A company that is growing is always a positive sign. Better opportunities and success may come your way, but soon, you may find it hard to balance some tasks and responsibilities. When you start feeling a bit suffocated and your leadership duties are beginning to falter, an excellent start to this is hiring more people through Jobstreet. How do you know when is the right time to expand your team?

When your 100% is not enough

With more new clients, you may find yourself handling marketing, responding to emails, buying supplies and more tasks that will pull you in different directions. More often than not, you are not handling these tasks to your full capabilities, and that may compromise the quality of your company in the long run.

The busier you foresee yourself getting, the sooner you should consider getting people on board your company. You may think you’re saving money by not hiring, when in fact you are doing your business a disservice by juggling everything yourself. You will become more prone to making errors that are unnecessary or petty. In the long run, this will cause you to lose customers, frustrate current employees and risk the quality of your service or product. 

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Stress levels are off the roof

Having a thriving business is a great feeling, but it will catch up to you if you do not prepare yourselves. When your company gains traction, you and your team may start having longer hours in the office to manage the workload of an expanding business.

These after-office hours spent doing more work is going to affect your work-life balance. A compromise, especially when your business is booming, may seem justifiable, but this may develop into a habit that will affect your performance at work. Not only that, but it will also affect your relationship with your current team and even clients! 

No better time than now!

You may think hiring someone is unnecessary, and may only consider the option when you’re really desperate. However, this can turn into a terrible step in expanding your business. 

Looking for the ideal candidate takes time and energy that you do not have when your company is expanding rapidly. The whole process, including interviewing, onboarding and training that person, will take a lot out of you or your present team when you are juggling other tasks as well. Instead, start your process early!

If you are already considering getting new people to come onboard your company, it is time to start the hiring process now. Expanding your team will ensure that your company runs smoothly and maintain a balance of work among your employees. Hiring new people also ensures that specific roles are filled up by either trained or experienced workers, ensuring that your company does not falter in quality. If you need candidates to fill up a position, Jobstreet Malaysia can help you start your process. 

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